The expectations for RJ and Royce The Choice’s collaborative project, Rich Off Mackin’, were non-existent. There were no singles to judge off of. No track list to ogle prior. The only thing we had to go on is their collaboration on “Throw Your Hood Up” off DJ Mustard’s 10 Summers album. Being the best song off that album, it would be high expectations to live up to should we have chosen to follow that.

ROM is very West Coast sounding. At times, it feels like a RJ-crafted project with Royce coming in to lay down verses later on. However, this doesn’t take away from the chemistry or quality of the project at all. This is a great body of work that did exactly what they needed it to do: fully introduce them into the music industry.

RJ is signed to Pushaz Ink, and Royce is DJ Mustard’s first artist. Both have done things solo, but the spotlight was thrown on them after building up to this point in 2014. First impressions are everything. These two nailed it. For anybody who has been a fan before, the music on ROM will be more of what you love out of these two artists in a fun environment that consists of knocking beats (many courtesy of Mustard), crazy lines, and suitable guest features.

Reese and I sat down to discuss the collaborative efforts of RJ and Royce The Choice. Watch it below. Download Rich Off Mackin’ now.