J. Cole 21

This week’s curation won’t overwhelm. There’s pieces talking about J. Cole’s amazing signing story, giving a second chance to Weezy F. Baby, why Bryson Tiller is a name you’ll be familiar with a lot soon, a profile on Migos, and more. Also, if you’re into video content, I did four album reviews for Don Trip, Huey Mack, King Los, and (*sighs loudly*) Tyga. Check those out via my Youtube (subscribe too). Scroll on for the articles.

The Overlooked, Astounding Story of Jay Z Signing J. Cole: You’ve probably heard the story of J. Cole meeting Jay Z. You probably know that eventually Hov caught on and brought Jermaine in for many meetings. BUT, did you know that Roc Nation was never meant to house a rapper? This is the tale of J. Cole’s signing and success story.

Lil Wayne: The Second Chance: It’s do or die for Weezy F. Baby in 2015. He’s almost free of Cash Money’s death grips, but his quality has always been questionable. This year is pretty above average when it comes down to his songs, freestyles, and features. So, is this a sign that Wayne is hungrier than ever and will prove the world wrong? We shall see. Akaash thinks so in his article.

Migos: Young, Rich and Outrunning Trouble: Kicking it with Rolling Stone, the Migos duo (Free Offset, right? Right) go bowling, continue to work on new music, and show a cool, interesting side of themselves.

Bryson Tiller Is About To Blow Up, Jump On The Bandwagon: The power of Drake’s mysterious co-sign continues to loom over artists who aren’t actually signed to him or have no intentions of doing so. Apparently, Bryson Tiller is a product of RCA Records who has the Drake IG photos and stuff to back him up. It’s cool to see how strong the small aspect of IG plays in helping an artist. Anyways, get familiar and catch on with Mr. Tiller before “Don’t” catches on.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. – You Heard That New Interview: Fiendin’ for those NWA movie details? Lowkey has you covered with his exclusive talk with Ice Cube’s son who plays his father in the movie. He discusses having no prior acting experience, reliving some of these moments, NWA’s legacy, and more.

My Problems With Arkham Knight’s Identity: WARNING! IF YOU HAVEN’T REACHED THE KNIGHT’S REVEAL, THEN DON’T READ THIS. I had no issues with the Knight’s identity. I just hated his damn fights in tanks and underground.

The Rise & Fall and Rise & Fall of Scott Storch: Many of us have more money than Scott Storch. The man blew over $70 million with at least $30 mill to drugs. Jesus. Justin Charity takes a look at the rise, fall, rise and fall of Scott’s career. Let’s hope he can somewhat recover.