Lil Wayne 89

What a week it’s been. We have industry plants, Troy Ave’s failure, reflecting on Young Jeezy’s influence 10 years ago, roles that Tupac could’ve played if he was alive, if The Weeknd can cross over into a Pop sensation, and much more. It’s a little light this week, but quality over quantity. Scroll on and check out some of the week’s best pieces.

What If Lil Wayne Staged Those Leaks From The ‘Carter 3′ Era?: Is it acceptable to start off the Curation by plugging myself? It’s happening. I thought a lot about the leaks from the C3 era and wanted to know if it was possible that Weezy and his team were actually involved to some extent. Read it, then read my peers below.

Industry Plants, Raury & The Importance Of Artist Development: Allow Confusion to redefine what it means to be an industry plant. The phrase is often looked upon with a sense of negativity, but it actually means the music business is moving in a better direction. Clap for him. This was insightful. The Raury element finds his team talking to P&P about his journey.

What the Failure of Troy Ave Tells Us About The Industry of Hip Hop: Pitchfork decided to throw all chill out of the window with a piece about Troy Ave’s failure. The level that this slander has reached isn’t necessarily warranted to this degree, but hey, whatever. It’s an interesting take on an interesting situation.

They Tried To Ban The Snowman: Young Jeezy’s ‘TM101′ 10 Years Later: As with every Yoh piece, you’re going to get a story and walk away feeling like best friends. Revisit the summer of 2005 when Young Jeezy had the world on fire from his debut album, which also led to the snowman shirts’ infamous banning across the country.

10 Roles We Wish Tupac Could’ve Played: Tupac would’ve had a huge future in acting. He dabbled in it before his death and was continued to be thought of for roles after (see: Baby Boy). If he didn’t pass away, could you imagine some of the roles he’d have secured or had a chance to? P&P lists movies like Django Unchained, No Good Deed, The Dark Knight, and more as potential show-stealing performances.

We All Destroyed Amy Winehouse: With a very revealing documentary out, Kathy Iandoli chronicles some of the key points in Amy Winehouse’s short rise and fall, and how the world contributed to this. It’s pretty sad to read, and probably even sadder to watch the documentary.

Will The Weeknd Be Abel to Cross Over to Pop?: This deserves a read based on the pun in the title alone. Spot on, spot on. The Weeknd is clearly chasing a sense of becoming Pop in his music, but can he actually make that huge cross over? Slava P takes a look at the question.