Wale 9

Happy Easter everyone! The huge running theme this week seems to be some exceptional interviews. The likes of Wale spoke to Billboard, A$AP Rocky is covering Complex, Sounwave drops mad details on the m.a.a.d kid’s album, and DJ Jazzy Jeff spoke about a conversation with Mac Miller changing his musical perspective. In addition, we have Fast & Furious movies being ranked, the American Dream being re-imagined for our generation, and the age-old question of can Rocky drop a classic? Scroll on.

Wale’s Billboard Interview: Wale is an artist who isn’t afraid to show off his emotions. Some see this as a bad trait, and is it at times, but it also makes you more of a fan. In his Billboard interview, he discusses dealing with depression, losing an unborn child, being out in Paris with Kanye West, and more.

Do It For the Vine: The New American Dream: The old American Dream is dead and gone, dead and gone. This new generation has ushered in a new idea that endorses the idiocy of people like on reality shows and WSHH. No synopsis of this piece can do it justice. It’s one of those must-reads from Yoh, who drops endless quotables.

A$AP Rocky’s Complex Cover Story: Remember the unspoken rule about Complex cover stories? In case you somehow forgot, just read it. I don’t need to tell you anything.

Ranking ‘Fast & Furious’ A Quarter Mile At A Time: With the seventh installment having dropped this week, Ben (of The Stashed) decided to rank all the films from best to worst. Tokyo Drift is the worst, though.

Sounwave’s Pigeons & Planes Interview: That necessary interview with Sounwave following his incredible work on Kendrick’s album is here.

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s XXL Magazine Interview: The one and only Jazzy Jeff spoke about how Mac Miller changed his perspective on music, if Will Smith is working on a new album, and more. We still need that Mac x Jeff project.

At.Long.Last: Can A$AP Rocky Make a Classic Album?: This is a question of speculation, but Rocky has earned his spot among some of the top names. The fact that he’s gone two years without an album and people are still anticipating it a ton says a lot.