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SD Exclusive: Mobb Deep on Unreleased Songs, Favorites Off New Album, The Future & More

In April, Mobb Deep released what will likely end up one of the best slept-on albums of the year. The Infamous Mobb Deep commemorates their 20th anniversary and marks their first album since 2006. A whole lot has changed in the rap world, but Prodigy and Havoc's chemistry has stayed ...

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SD Exclusive: Kid Ink on Most Expensive Date He's Had & Diving Back Into Producing For Next Album

Kid Ink's career has been a slow burner. Since he made his first steps into the industry, he has built up his name over the course of three mixtapes, various records and a lot of videos before releasing his independent debut album, Up & Away, in June 2012. Touring followed. ...

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SD Exclusive: Kirko Bangz Explains Bigger Than Me Album Title & Creating Love Rihanna

It's been three years since "Drank In My Cup" and Kirko Bangz is finally ready to release his debut album, Bigger Than Me, this June. Many might think he missed his window to capitalize off the success of his earlier singles, but Kirko feels otherwise. "A lot of niggas would've ...

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Access 206: J. Pinder Interview

At some point in an artist's career, he can feel like he only do so much in his city. For J. Pinder, that happened and he ended up moving down to Los Angeles in 2012. A move that might have been criticized a little bit, but has turned out to ...

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Review: Rick Ross - Mastermind

Mastermind, previously slated for release on December 17th, 2013, is in stores this week. It’s Rick Ross’s sixth studio album, and his second in a row to miss a winter release—despite statements over the years by Ross and the MMG twitter account that the Untouchable Maybach Empire does not do ...

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Posts tagged ‘The Good Sin’

Every human has done something wrong that made them feel good, so much so that you don’t want to stop (a chronic masturbators’ nightmare). For “Doing Wrong, Feeling Right,” The Good Sin gets Portland’s hottest producer Trox for a session about many contradictions and the struggle to do the right thing. Another week, another winning […]

As anybody on the road will tell you, glory is not something easily obtainable. The road is covered with dirt, rocks and sharp objects, and most of us aren’t blessed with comfy footwear. Hey, but we all do it at some point in our lives to reap the benefits, whether they be big or small. […]

As The Good Sin’s Kick Back Season continues to go strong, he releases the next single, “How Did You Get Here.” Sin opts for a very light joint that is one verse of rapping and the other of talking. His choice in subject? A picture of love “avoided.” Out of the many records he’s done, […]

“I wish that I could trust a girl but I can’t, so I don’t tell her shit” In the darkness, The Good Sin struggles in an interrogation of his mind dealing with newfound hate that comes with achieving life’s goals. The video, without overdoing itself, is powerful to the lyrics, yet simple overall. Directed by […]

For the fourth week of Fall Back Season, The Good Sin links up with fellow Seattle native Thaddeus David and Houston singer Khimmy J. Oh, and his ace producer, 10.4 Rog, is back on the beat too. “Tomorrow Today” is smooth. All of his singles have had some sort of message attached. This one: don’t […]

The Good Sin continues to show diversity in subjects with the third single from his Fall Back Season series. It doubles as a good record and a motivational talk. With Dizz on the hook and beat, Sin kicks some eye-opening lyrics about achieving your goals. Previously: The Good Sin Ft. Dave B, Thig Nat, & […]

Fall Back Season continues. After we held a celebration last week, the relationship troubles return with “Don’t Give Up.” The Good Sin and his guests are confident in the whole “work out your problems” method. This is a nice record too. Previously: The Good Sin Ft. Wolfy Bauer – Celebrate (Prod. By 10.4 Rog) Follow […]

When you do something the same for years, it becomes repetitive and expected. The Good Sin has released an album every year within the first quarter, but this year is going to be slightly different. Every week, a new single from the Seattle native and one video in each month. How long will it last? […]

The stuff you can do in this business is phenomenal. Whether you’re a big mega-star or just on the rise, there’s so many accomplishments and mile stones that you pass in this Rap game. R&B too. So, for his SD debut, Tacoma native John Crown enlists Portland’s own Luck-One and Seattle’s The Good Sin and Mario […]

Being on the grind is the hardest on an artist. Not everybody has it made with a single that takes off or co-signs from big names. On the flip side, this is good for an artist to actually work on his craft as he continues to grow and progress. And one thing that a lot […]

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