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SD Exclusive: Kirko Bangz Explains Bigger Than Me Album Title & Creating “Love Rihanna”

SD Exclusive: Kirko Bangz Explains Bigger Than Me Album Title & Creating Love Rihanna

It's been three years since "Drank In My Cup" and Kirko Bangz is finally ready to release his debut album, Bigger Than Me, this June. Many might think he missed his window to capitalize off the success of his earlier singles, but Kirko feels otherwise. "A lot of niggas would've ...

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Access 206: J. Pinder Interview

Access 206: J. Pinder Interview

At some point in an artist's career, he can feel like he only do so much in his city. For J. Pinder, that happened and he ended up moving down to Los Angeles in 2012. A move that might have been criticized a little bit, but has turned out to ...

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SD Exclusive: G-Eazy Talks These Things Happen; Details E-40 & ASAP Ferg Collaborations

SD Exclusive: G-Eazy Talks These Things Happen; Details E-40 & ASAP Ferg Collaborations

G-Eazy seems energetic and excited. He’s been on tour for about two weeks with sold-out shows in every city on his These Things Happen tour, named after his upcoming debut album. When I arrive, his manager informs me that G just got back the mastered version of his album, so ...

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Review: Rick Ross – Mastermind

Review: Rick Ross - Mastermind

Mastermind, previously slated for release on December 17th, 2013, is in stores this week. It’s Rick Ross’s sixth studio album, and his second in a row to miss a winter release—despite statements over the years by Ross and the MMG twitter account that the Untouchable Maybach Empire does not do ...

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SD Exclusive: DJ Folk Talks About Jeezy & Rick Ross, Birdman’s Album, Retirement & More

SD Exclusive: DJ Folk Talks About Jeezy & Rick Ross, Birdman's Album, Retirement & More

On January 24, Rick Ross took the internet into the palm of his hands with news of a collaboration with long-time rival Jeezy. People were anticipating what a 2014 record between the two could sound like, and, most importantly, if it’d even be good. However, there was someone who has ...

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Posts tagged ‘Krizz Kaliko’

Krizz Kaliko kicks off the new year by dropping yet another video from Son Of Sam. “Kill For Youe Lovin’” lives up to the title indeed, but no spoilers. Sitting down at the piano and singing for an audience is how Krizz starts the video. Where he ends up, well, you’ll have to watch and […]

Has Krizz Kaliko ran out of videos to shoot for Son Of Sam? If you answered anything other than a “no,” you’re wrong. Racking up tens of thousands of views each video is only motivating the Strange Music lieutenant to produce more. Still kicking and screaming his way into our musical hearts on Wednesdays, “Thank […]

What type of girls do you like? All shapes and sizes to draw you in, but Krizz Kaliko and Bizzy like ‘em nice and thick. The video for “Girls Like That” is just as you’d imagine. A couple fly women dancing and the two artists rapping as they do so. It speaks volumes about how […]

Video: Krizz Kaliko – Night Time

September 11th, 2013

Here’s a concept a lot of people can relate to: cruising around at night, just blasting music with no clear destination. It’s soothing and relaxing, something that Krizz Kaliko captures well on “Night Time.” Perfect song to ride to. Son Of Sam is out now and more than worth picking up for a complete album that […]

Sometimes, there’s whiskey. Sometimes, we drink with a beautiful woman. Sometimes, things happen. That thing is depicted in “W.A.N.S,” a tale of the importance of sex done in a Country music fashion. As with any Krizz Kaliko visual, expect some quality work that further brings the lyrics to life in a way that makes sense. Son […]

Once you put the battery in Krizz Kaliko’s back, he’s been unstoppable. Sure, Son Of Sam is his fifth studio album since 2007, but it seemed like his consistency has increased 100% in the last year, particularly since Kicking & Screaming. There’s been countless videos for both of those albums, his Neh’Mind EP and a […]

Son Of Sam officially hit stores on Tuesday, and Krizz Kaliko has no plans of slowing down his promo. For this week’s video, Krizz tackles the trouble-in-paradise relationship with “Schizophrenia.” Directed by himself, it takes us through a couple times with his woman as she hits him in the face with a pie, throws more […]

The latter half of Krizz Kaliko’s album is going to dabble in more singing. With plans, exclusively revealed to Sermon’s Domain, to one day drop an all singing album, it makes sense when you hear and watch “Scars.” The man is very talented not only with his voice but song writing too. Pre-order Son Of […]

This edition of Kali Fridays is all dedicated to those women with very big bras. Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne make yet another catchy tune about the wonders of breasts that can go hand in hand with their now classic “Areola.” There’s even a nod to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Posse On Broadway” with the flow styles. […]

Since Kali Fridays was such a big hit last year, Krizz Kaliko resurrects the series as we lead up to Son Of Sam, due out on August 27. On “Why Me,” the rapper slash singer takes a simple up, close and personal approach with the video. Towels not included. Pre-order the LP bundle through Strange Music […]

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