Huey Mack | The Sermon's Domain
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Video: Huey Mack – Charlotte (Prod. By Lu Balz)

December 16, 1991 is when Huey Mack emerged into life. Celebrating his birthday, he shows his love to his Mom on “Charlotte.” The video is reminiscent of his life from looking at old photo albums to being on the playground he grew up around, and blends together footage from being a young boy. Directed by M9 Productions. Get Pretending Perfection now. Previously: Video: Huey Mack – This Is How We Do (Remix) Follow @SermonsDomain

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Video: Huey Mack – This Is How We Do (Remix)

Talk about a rude awakening. There is no rapper in the game that utilizes endless amounts of tour footage like Huey Mack does. Maybe Mike Stud. Remixing Katy Perry, Huey’s latest visual for his weekly series is more fun than last week’s take on Drake. Directed by M9 Visuals. Don’t forget, Pretending Perfection is out on iTunes. Previously: Video: Huey Mack – Nothing Will Be The Same (Prod. By Lu Balz) Follow @SermonsDomain

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Video: Huey Mack – Nothing Will Be The Same (Prod. By Lu Balz)

In this era, when you find success it’s motivation to continue to stay consistent through any means necessary. More than likely Huey Mack is hitting the road in 2014, and he plans to give us new music/videos for the next four months every Monday. Sound like a deal, huh? His first effort is a rendition of Drake’s “Too Much” and “Furthest Thing” bundled as “Nothing Will Be The Same. Indeed, it won’t. Pretending Perfection is out now. Directed by M9 Visuals. Previously: Video: Huey Mack – Pretending Perfection Follow @SermonsDomain

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Video: Huey Mack – Pretending Perfection

The title track from Huey Mack’s debut album is sent to the Youtube screen in this video that doesn’t break ground. He combines some performance footage mixed in with various instances of him rapping the words to this stand out. Still, it might be one of his best efforts so far. Pretending Perfection is out on iTunes now and doing well in sales and Billboard charts positioning. Previously: Video: Huey Mack – Take It All Back (Prod. By Lu Balz) Follow @SermonsDomain

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Video: Huey Mack – Take It All Back (Prod. By Lu Balz)

“She’s a good girl with a bad past.” Oh boy, those are the worst types. Despite their good nature, that past always seems to come up and create problems in a relationship, or maybe that’s just personal experience. Whatever it may be, Huey Mack dives into this topic on “Take It All Back.” Directed by Mikey Easterling. His debut album, Pretending Perfection, will be out tonight at midnight. Pre-order it now. Previously: Video: Huey Mack Ft. Mike Stud – Be Alright (Prod. By Lu Balz) Follow @SermonsDomain

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Video: Huey Mack Ft. Mike Stud – Be Alright (Prod. By Lu Balz)

In exactly one month, Huey Mack will release his debut album, Pretending Perfection. He had moderate success with A Boy Named Hue hitting the #1 spot on iTunes before he released it for free. Without a doubt, he’s going to do it again with a bigger fan base. On “Be Alright,” he connects with his partner-in-rhyme Mike Stud for a record that’s certainly radio friendly with all the singing that surrounds the rapping. Directed by Jon Kilmer. Previously: Video: Huey Mack Announces His New Album Title Follow @SermonsDomain

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