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SD Exclusive: Mobb Deep on Unreleased Songs, Favorites Off New Album, The Future & More

In April, Mobb Deep released what will likely end up one of the best slept-on albums of the year. The Infamous Mobb Deep commemorates their 20th anniversary and marks their first album since 2006. A whole lot has changed in the rap world, but Prodigy and Havoc's chemistry has stayed ...

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SD Exclusive: Kid Ink on Most Expensive Date He's Had & Diving Back Into Producing For Next Album

Kid Ink's career has been a slow burner. Since he made his first steps into the industry, he has built up his name over the course of three mixtapes, various records and a lot of videos before releasing his independent debut album, Up & Away, in June 2012. Touring followed. ...

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SD Exclusive: Kirko Bangz Explains Bigger Than Me Album Title & Creating Love Rihanna

It's been three years since "Drank In My Cup" and Kirko Bangz is finally ready to release his debut album, Bigger Than Me, this June. Many might think he missed his window to capitalize off the success of his earlier singles, but Kirko feels otherwise. "A lot of niggas would've ...

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Access 206: J. Pinder Interview

At some point in an artist's career, he can feel like he only do so much in his city. For J. Pinder, that happened and he ended up moving down to Los Angeles in 2012. A move that might have been criticized a little bit, but has turned out to ...

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Review: Rick Ross - Mastermind

Mastermind, previously slated for release on December 17th, 2013, is in stores this week. It’s Rick Ross’s sixth studio album, and his second in a row to miss a winter release—despite statements over the years by Ross and the MMG twitter account that the Untouchable Maybach Empire does not do ...

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Posts tagged ‘Gleams’

Kendrick Lamar’s GQ cover fiasco, Sharkeisha’s fight, Chris Brown’s rehab, Trinidad James’ rant against New York and Yeezy’s media run are just some of the notable topics that Gleams covers on his November edition of “Hip Hop Times.” He goes through four instrumentals including Yo Gotti’s “Act Right” and “Bound 2.” The Pre-Game is coming […]

Before the November edition hits, Gleams decided to link up with director No Mercy to film a video for “Hip Hop Times (October Edition).” To make sure it’s not just some video of him rapping, clips of things involved Kanye West, the BET Hip Hop Awards and more are included. It gives more validity to […]

Gleams is releasing The Pre-Game sometime in December. After many months, we get a song that’s not a “Hip Hop Times” for the month. “All The Stops” is backed by a hard-hitting production from Dark Knight. The pressure is on Gleams from there, and he turns it into a diamond. “Since I don’t ask for […]

Gleams is under the impression that Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw experiment being a success ended up  inspiring Eminem to sell a limited edition of MMLP2 for $300 dollars on his website. However, it should be worth noting that Eminem, Paul Rosenberg and the Interscope family aren’t functioning on a week-by-week basis. His campaigns are created months in […]

Yes, Gleams is back after a month of watching what’s going on in hip-hop. This september edition tackles everything including, Gucci Mane’s rant, Pusha T’s upcoming album, Meek Mill dissing Kendrick Lamar and much more. As always, he takes several instrumentals like “Fine China” and “Pound Cake.” Still one of the most creative series this […]

Taking a various mix of instrumentals released in August, Gleams releases his “Hip Hop Times” for this previous month. In it, one of the main focuses was on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. Other topics include Mac Miller collapsing on stage, “Picasso Baby” and more. He also fires off shots at some unknown rappers too. Previously: Gleams […]

Every month, Gleams plans to sit in the news anchor desk as he recaps hip-hop and some other assorted topics tossed in. The concept is pretty good, sort of like Skillz’s yearly, now defunct “Rap-Up” on a more deeper level that tackles stuff he wouldn’t. For July’s edition, the NY rapper runs down subjects in […]

For Track 12 off The Cast 2, Gleams wants to stress the fact that he’s not popular, but quite infamous. This is because he’d rather make his own rules, rather than follow some stupid trend to fit in with the popular crowd. He gives us a nicely shot visual, something simple in the subway tunnel. […]

Mixtape: Gleams – The Cast 2

February 2nd, 2013

The freestyle tape doesn’t pop up all the time, but when it does, it’s interesting to see what beat choices an artist selects. Gleams chooses a pretty abstract list of beats to use spread across the 18 track project including classics and newer instrumentals. That cover still makes no sense, though. The features include Nerd […]

The popular Twitter phrase “I’m Sleep, tho” turns into a full-fledged song from Gleams. The whole song goes back to Twitter with shout outs to several of his buddies off the social network (although he missed one of the most important names, I’m slee…nevermind). The Cast 2 coming out in 2013. Previously: Video: Gleams – Middletown […]

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