As far as new artists go, there hasn’t been a more hyped up, talked about tour than the dynamic duo of Travi$ Scott and Young Thug (with assistance from Metro Boomin’). From city to city, the Rodeo tour has gotten this rep for being rambunctious, rowdy and entirely too turnt up. Considering the type of music these two make, would you be expecting anything less? Of course not. Sure, there are performers in a similar lane that disappoint when they hit the stage, but this isn’t happening here.

It’s almost like the rep spread like a wildfire, so every fan in the Showbox Sodo (Seattle) was active from the moment things got underway. There was some songs played prior to Metro Boomin’ popping up on stage that had people singing their hearts out. Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” was the immediate wave, even in the bar area they were going crazy.

Metro Boomin’s set, obviously, was good, but it could’ve been better. It felt like any DJ could do what Metro did and get that kind of reaction as he was switching between Drake mixtape cuts and Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” to name a couple. Maybe if all of his cuts had that signature tag at the beginning, it’d feel a little more personalized. He is Metro Boomin’ after all.

At this point, my focus is scattered. Conversations going on around me. Thoughts pertaining to the artists. How could Young Thug do Lil Wayne like that? When is Travi$ Scott’s debut album coming? Questions that wouldn’t get answers, but it was on my mind before Thug hit the stage.

If we can create an award for best comeback performer, Young Thug earns the first annual one. His start was god awful. You didn’t hear Thug’s voice at all. He drowned himself with his own vocals from the songs. Yes, yet another rapper raps over his words. I anticipated this, but it can’t be excused. Travi$ Scott did it too in a more mild sense. It felt like he had it at times popping up to remind him where he’s at, while Young Thug needed to know this almost every second.

The structure was different than most concerts. Young Thug came out first, did a few songs, and left to allow Travi$ Scott to do some. This would go back and forth a few times with the crowd eating it up. A little Days Before Rodeo music, a little “Stoner.” The finale, of course, had the two performing their collaborations “Mamacita,” “Skyfall” and a new unreleased song that has a hook of “call your friends, let’s get drunk.”

There’s absolutely no way to properly describe the energy from the crowd. They were some of the most active fans I’ve ever seen. It was incredibly hot from the bar, so I couldn’t imagine being in the middle of that crowd. “You survived the rodeo” was Travi$ Scott’s last words to the crowd as he walked off stage. Indeed, we all had.

All footage shot by Darryl Reese.