Kidd Kidd

After Raury and Fetty Wap, where do we go from here? To New Orleans, of course. In a moment as historic as Shawn Michaels being in both D-Generation X and the N.W.O. in his career, Kidd Kidd is the only member to run with Lil Wayne’s Young Money and G-Unit. And somehow, someway, double Kidd was able to win the fan vote for this year’s XXL Freshmen. Surprised? So are Yoh, Sermon and Khari.

Yoh: It’s Saturday afternoon, there’s a dusty Nintendo 64 sitting on my floor, Mario Kart is being played on a 55inch, overpriced television. The dining room table is littered with power ranger shot glasses, there’s a bottle of Honey Jack and a bottle of Bombay Gin East on the counter, Action Bronson is playing from a wireless speaker, friends are sunk into the couches, I consider this normal, weekend scenery. Makonnen just sent me a direct message with the location of his video shoot. Still a fairly normal occurrence. What isn’t normal, completely unbelievable, is seeing Kidd Kidd on the XXL freshmen cover. This is the same guy that claimed he was on every wanted poster in 2008. A lyric he said on one of the biggest rap albums of 2008. Yet, it’s 2015, 7 years later, and I’m writing about Kidd Kidd, a XXL freshmen. Math was never my strongest subject, but I know when something isn’t adding up. I remember listening to this guy during the massive Wayne leaks, when he had mixtapes dropping on Datpiff weekly, Kidd Kidd would appear on few tracks with him and Drake. The internet has informed me that Kidd has been around since Wayne’s Squad Up mixtape. Projects he released before the industry accepted him as a prominent solo artist. If Kidd Kidd is illegible to be a freshmen, then Gudda Gudda and T-Streets should’ve made the list as well.

From what I remember, he isn’t known for being the most talented emcee. He fit within the confines of Young Money’s massive circle, his prowess somewhere in-between Tyga and Chanel West Coast. In his defense, this is an opinion based on his performance before aligning with G-Unit. He was the addition to the group when they re-emerged, a moment in hip-hop history that didn’t do much for me. He’s the freshmen that I have absolute no interest in. It’s surprising that he was able to secure the spot. He gets my kudos for reaching the next level in his career but I won’t pretend that I’m suddenly interested. I’m hoping that Khari and Serm will be the voices that actually give some insight into his career/potential. For I am the wrong one for such a job. It’s Saturday, I’m logging out to go kick ass at Mario Kart.

Mainstream Appeal: Meh

Lyrical Ability: Meh x10

Relevance/ Impact:   In 2008 this would be a 2. In 2015, a solid 1.

Will We Be Talking About Him In 5 Years: Are we talking about him now?

Sermon: November 26, 1991… a star was born. His name is Curtis Stewart, a man who would go on to be known as Nutt Da Kid and eventually just Kidd times 2. Either Kidd has nudes of the Google President’s wife to change his age or he’s legitimately only 23. It’s crazy, because we’ve known about him for over a decade. Sqad Up days to early Young Money to now rolling with the G-G-G-G-Unit.

This was the fan vote pick. You can argue G-Unit’s selling power, but in 2015 it doesn’t seem like it’s strong enough to knock down that barrier. Then again, re-looking at the voting list, maybe there wasn’t anybody with a bigger, more loyal fan base. Possibly Skizzy Mars or even Snow Tha Product, who both would’ve been perfect choices. The more I write about it, the more him being fan vote makes sense. Honestly, is anybody at XXL checking for Kidd Kidd? Probably not enough for a cover spot.

At the same time, you have to wonder what this means for him. A big accolade, but how can he capitalize off it? Is he destined for some sort of success like Tony Yayo? Being under G-Unit, you can’t tell in 2015, especially when 50 is musically struggling. Kidd Kidd is someone who impresses in spurts. He may have a memorable verse here and there, but a whole body of work that lives up to where he’s at in his career is not present. At least Tony Yayo had an underrated album.

Mainstream Appeal: Not really. Ryda Gang for the streets. His most mainstream moment will always be “Mrs. Officer.”

Lyrical Ability: I’ve never once been impressed with a Kidd Kidd line enough to go WHOOOOOAAAAA!

Relevance/ Impact: G-Unit fans love him enough to not care that he was thrown into the group.

Will We Be Talking About Him In 5 Years: If Cam’ron accepts him into the Diplomats reunion that’ll finally happen in 2020, then yes.

Khari: 50 Cent’s check came in at the last minute. XXL’s graphic design team must’ve been pissed too, because they’d probably already laid out Lil’ Durk’s spread. I know how that goes.

That isn’t confirmed information, just speculation. It’s the only way in the world, I imagine, Kidd Kidd, who’s been trying to make it happen for his solo career for the past half-decade, managed to land himself a spot on the Freshman cover over some pretty decorated young guns. He released his first mixtape in 12 years last week to crickets, which isn’t always a good determinant of quality, so I took a listen.
No disrespect to Kidd Kidd, his story is pretty inspiring, and the specifics of it make 50 Cent’s allegiance to the New Orleans native an endearing story. After making a major contribution to Lil Wayne’s platinum-selling “Mrs. Officer” single in 2008, Kidd Kidd was shot 6 times three years later, and recovered only to find out he’d been dumped by Columbia Records. 50 Cent’s honorable outstretched hand has not only included Kidd Kidd in many of his music ventures, but the kid(d) is now the 5th member of G-Unit.
Still, the fact of the matter is, no amount of free Effen Vodka bottles make this okay. We will not be checking for Kidd Kidd in the near future. Do not pass go, XXL, do not collect $200.
Unless, of course, it’s in the form of a check from Fif’s personal account.

Mainstream Appeal: 2 (And that’s being generous. Mrs. Officer was no joke, though).

Lyrical Ability: 4 (Outside of a couple goods showings on the G-Unit EPs, there isn’t much…just no).

Relevance/Impact: Being the 5th member of a somewhat has-been crew counts for something, right? I’ll go with a 3 on this.

Will We Be Talking About Him in 5 Years: No.