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SD Exclusive: Mobb Deep on Unreleased Songs, Favorites Off New Album, The Future & More

In April, Mobb Deep released what will likely end up one of the best slept-on albums of the year. The Infamous Mobb Deep commemorates their 20th anniversary and marks their first album since 2006. A whole lot has changed in the rap world, but Prodigy and Havoc's chemistry has stayed ...

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SD Exclusive: Kid Ink on Most Expensive Date He's Had & Diving Back Into Producing For Next Album

Kid Ink's career has been a slow burner. Since he made his first steps into the industry, he has built up his name over the course of three mixtapes, various records and a lot of videos before releasing his independent debut album, Up & Away, in June 2012. Touring followed. ...

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SD Exclusive: Kirko Bangz Explains Bigger Than Me Album Title & Creating Love Rihanna

It's been three years since "Drank In My Cup" and Kirko Bangz is finally ready to release his debut album, Bigger Than Me, this June. Many might think he missed his window to capitalize off the success of his earlier singles, but Kirko feels otherwise. "A lot of niggas would've ...

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Access 206: J. Pinder Interview

At some point in an artist's career, he can feel like he only do so much in his city. For J. Pinder, that happened and he ended up moving down to Los Angeles in 2012. A move that might have been criticized a little bit, but has turned out to ...

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Review: Rick Ross - Mastermind

Mastermind, previously slated for release on December 17th, 2013, is in stores this week. It’s Rick Ross’s sixth studio album, and his second in a row to miss a winter release—despite statements over the years by Ross and the MMG twitter account that the Untouchable Maybach Empire does not do ...

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Archive for the ‘Sermon’s Domain Most Anticipated Albums Of 2011’ category

Can I start off by saying I hate this guy. The illest Puerto Rican spitter to hit a microphone has some of the laziest tendencies I’ve ever seen.  No release date since he announced the album has been honored. The hold up? Well, nobody besides Chino knows (and best believe when he hits the town, I’m finding […]

I didn’t forget about Mouse or his delayed work of art. No more Amalgam Digital contract binding him (I believe). The follow up to “Padded Room” and “Escape Route” and it’s going to be hard to top those two. Leave the Mood Muzik series alone now since four was pretty much here today and in […]

These R&B artists are all the same. Similar to Marsha, Lloyd has dropped two singles (“Lay It Down” and “Get It In” Ft. 50 Cent) and both were big hits. So, Lloyd and his sole producer, Polow Da Don, have hyped up the project with videos and even an unexpected remix. Then, push it back […]

Marsha took the R&B scene by storm when she dropped “Hope She Cheats.” The experimental single spawned an amazing remix with Fabolous and Maino. Then, “Far Away,” the second single (or first depending on Marsha’s outlook) came out late November. We’re almost two months removed and another missed date (January 4) late. Ms. Ambrosius better […]

Since 2007, I’ve been up on Crooked’s music (first HHW, I was right there on Hip Hop Game listening) and he’s yet to release an actual album. A bunch of mixtapes, freestyles, features, EPs and more have propelled him into being one of the illest MCs on the West. So, it’s 2011 and Slaughterhouse is […]

Mike Bigga, Killer Mike. Whatever. “Ready, Set, Go” had the buzz going. Pl3dge is long overdue. It’s been forever since we got a project from Killa Kill from the Ville. His music is always entertaining and real so it’s interesting to see what he plans to spit about this time around. I told him it’s time […]

Saigon is proof that you can be years overdue for your debut album and come back with anticipation. His heavily delayed The Greatest Story Never Told album should’ve been out three years ago when “Pain In My Life” came out. Maybe this way is for the better though since the album’s track listing looks insane. […]

With E-Feezy, I pretty much know what to expect. I know he’ll have some bangers on this two disc album set just like last year’s. The suspected first single, “She Smashed The Homie,” with Ray J & Snoop Dogg’s concept is pretty weak and unoriginal. But the best moves are often made in silence and […]

What exactly do we know about the reunion album? Well, it’s coming, they’ve worked with Dr. Dre and potentially have an Interscope deal lined up. Other than that, we have yet to hear anything from it nor do we know when a release is certain. It’s anticipated though. We’re all concerned to see if the […]

Right about now, I’m looking like Lil B on the cover in the eyes of everyone. As much as I hate and clown on this man (and I still will do so), his buzz is just too big to ignore now. With his new Amalgam Digital deal, he’ll be putting out two albums and the […]

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