It’s been three years since “Drank In My Cup” and Kirko Bangz is finally ready to release his debut album, Bigger Than Me, this June. Many might think he missed his window to capitalize off the success of his earlier singles, but Kirko feels otherwise. “A lot of niggas would’ve dropped three albums by now,” he tells Sermon’s Domain. “I wouldn’t change, I felt like I had to go through what I had to go and learn a lot of things about the game. Just figuring out what people want from me and how to get what I want at the same time. Putting out this mixtape helped with me working on my album, ’cause now I know, oh, people want to hear this type of shit from me.”

The mixtape he’s referring to is the fourth installment to the Progression series. When he initially began, a mixtape wasn’t in his mind. It just developed that way and produced the stand-out record “Love Rihanna.”  When he asked why he dedicated the song to RiRi, he poses the question: “Who badder than Rihanna?”

With a few months away from the project release month, Kirko also took the time to break down the meaning behind Bigger Than Me and how it relates to his whole career and family. The amount of work and weight on his shoulders inspired the album title, which he also says will feature Ty Dolla $ign and production from Sound M.O.B. (“Drank In My Cup”).

A few other topics include touring and getting advice from Bun B, if he believes freestyle tapes are a dying art and the most hoe-ish things he’s seen/experienced.

How touring with Bun B is going (0:52)
What advice Bun B has given him (1:17)
Choosing what beats he wanted to freestyle on for Progression IV (2:04)
Is doing all freestyles on a mixtape a dying art? (3:11)
What attracts him to Rihanna and the story behind “Love Rihanna” (3:50)
The most hoe-ish things he’s seen or experienced (4:47)
Explains meaning behind his debut album title, Bigger Than Me (5:15)
How long he’s been working on his album and why he feels it’s been a good thing to wait this long (6:14)
Reveals Sound Mob and Ty Dolla $ign on the album (7:22)
Expecting a June release for Bigger Than Me (7:48)