Fvck&Love Cover

Marsha Ambrosius’ sophomore album, Friends & Lovers, has suffered through a long delay, but not necessarily any push backs because specific dates were never given. However, she released “Cold War” and the Ne-Yo-assisted “Without You” as singles and neither really made a huge impact. Still, Marsha’s ability to craft an album was solidified off Late Nights & Early Mornings, her debut released in 2011 that’s still very much playable to this day. Through this wait, we can at least appreciate that we’ve gotten surprise EPs in the form of Hors D’Oeuvres and now Fvck & Love.

What the first EP accomplished was exactly in its title. It was a light snack compared to the sheer sexuality that is pushed out through almost every song on Fvck & Love. It’s poetry. Marsha sings about the beauty of climaxing on “Come” in a way that’s sure to turn on male listeners. Does “69” even have to be explained? At the end of the EP is her title track “Friends & Lovers” that seems to bridge the gap from this project into her sophomore album coming out later this year. 

With no guest features, production from Da Internz, Eric Hudson, Oak, Marsha and the awesome name of GOOOOOOOO!!! (seriously, that’s crazy), you can stream and download the EP below.

Marsha Ambrosius – Fvck & Love EP