Jarren Benton is a rare breed. When a song starts with “by the way, I finally sucked my own dick,” you know you’re in for some sick rhymes. Sure, shock value on records is nothing new. It’s just unheard of coming from Atlanta, GA. That’s Jarren, though. He’ll say something utterly gross or unorthodox, but still have you mouthing every word because his delivery, beats and lyrics are always top notch. Despite having his debut album, My Grandma’s Basement, out since June it still feels like he’s Funk Volume’s secret weapon. His out-of-control, I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude with his music is slowly being embraced. Toss in Kato, his go-to producer, on the boards and you have a formula that’s been highly effective.

Sitting down with Sermon’s Domain, he spoke on wanting to push himself on his sophomore album, leftover songs from My Grandma’s Basement, learning to play the piano, his favorite songs off Knock Madness, the song he’d choose to be on if he could’ve been apart of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP and more. Full list of topics below.

How his life has changed since My Grandma’s Basement dropped (0:56)
What he’d change about his debut album if he could (reveals songs with ¡MAYDAY! & Will Power) (1:33)
Says he’ll be putting out songs that didn’t make the cut (3:00)
Details how he wants to have a theme on his sophomore album (3:21)
If he feels forced to make an album every year (4:16)
Learning to play piano and if he’ll use it in his music (5:19)
Creating “Who’s There” with Hopsin and Dizzy Wright on Knock Madness (6:22)
His favorite songs off Knock Madness (7:27)
What song he’d pick to be on if he could’ve been on the Marshall Mathers LP (8:30)