Juicy J, out of every artist who emerged in the ’90s, has had the best reinvention. His mixtapes ushered in a new sound that has taken the game by storm and made Juicy more in demand than ever. “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” released originally for free on Blue Dream & Lean, hit the top five for Rap Songs on the Billboard charts and is certified Gold. His solo debut album, Stay Trippy, is still set for a July 2 release, and his tour of the same name has been highly successful in selling out in every city.

Sitting with Sermon’s Domain before the Seattle show, Juicy J discusses narrowing down Stay Trippy from 80 to 16 songs, “Ain’t No Coming Down” getting a big enough response to be included on the album, separation between his mixtapes and album’s sound, being one of the few rappers to work with Justin Timberlake, how he got the Pimp C verse on “Show Out (Remix)” and if he feels that Stay Trippy should’ve came out when “Bandz A Make Her Dance” peaked. Shot by Ralph Madison.

How the Stay Trippy tour been going (0:34)
Recording 80 songs for his album and how hard it is to narrow down to 16 (0:42)
Releasing music not on his album and “Ain’t No Coming Down” now being on his album (1:03)
The separation from his mixtapes and his album sound (1:24)
Being one of the few rappers who Justin Timberlake works with (1:39)
Getting the Pimp C verse on “Show Out (Remix)” (1:58)
If he feels he should’ve released Stay Trippy when “Bandz A Make Her Dance” peaked (2:42)