Big K.R.I.T. ended his King Remembered In Time tour in Seattle, WA on Saturday night (June 1) with a bang. Unexpected to the sold out crowd of over 400 people, “Country Shit” came on and out sprung Ludacris, who was in town doing some radio promotion. The eruption of the crowd was intense, and this was surely one of the biggest hip-hop related moments at a concert in not only El Corazon history but Seattle as well.

After the show, Sermon’s Domain got the chance to chop it up with K.R.I.T. about if he feels challenged making the music he creates after four amazing mixtapes, his decision to work with more producers on his sophomore album, not wanting to feel rushed at all with it, possibility of doing a whole project with Wiz Khalifa, why a “I Got This (Remix)” never happened and more. Shot by Ralph Madison.

(0:00) Highlights of the show, including Ludacris’ special appearance during “Country Shit”
(2:30) Getting Ludacris to make an appearance in Seattle
(2:59) If he still feels making music is a challenge
(3:45) Why he wants to work with more producers on his sophomore album
(4:19) How he felt Live From The Underground was rushed and not falling into that cycle again
(4:56) How far along he is with this next album
(5:15) The possibility of a whole project with Wiz Khalifa
(5:41) What happened to the “I Got This (Remix)” and who he wanted on it