Gunplay has just delivered his best interview of all time. In this one, he manages to turn simple questions about socks, cats, Lil B, massages and more into pure entertainment gold. While his UFO conspiracy theories are certainly a must-read, his response and heavy diss to Cats worldwide and socks answers are too funny. Cops & Robbers drops January 18.

How do you feel about cats?
I’d rather have a dog cause cats fucking act like faggots. Sometimes they like you, sometimes they don’t. They have mood swings and shit like hoes. Looking like hoes and shit. A dog will forever love you no matter what. You throw something, they’re going to run and catch it and bring it back. You can come home and you haven’t shaved for four weeks, that motherfucker isn’t going to say, “Damn nigga, you need to shave.” That shit is just going to jump on you, they don’t care.

What’s your stance on socks?
Right now, I got some socks that my momma bought me. When I got on house arrest, she bought me a bunch of socks and undershirts and shit—you know, being Mom. She bought me some And 1 socks, they got the little cushions under the bottom. But me, I don’t give a fuck. Sometimes I wear them, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m wearing cargos and I don’t wear socks. Or I mismatch my shit. One is Hanes and one is Fruit of the Loom or something. They don’t look the same though, they both white, nobody’s going to care. One might be long, one might be short but you can’t tell, I got on jeans. All my socks is dirty, I got to wear jeans. That’s the shittiest shit. I hate that. Ah, man, it’s the worst.

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