You heard the name almost every time someone brings up New Atlanta. If you haven’t, now is time to get aquatinted with the team. The Two9 collective links up with Don Cannon and DJ Osh Kosh for a little Christmas project. Although, besides the name, none of the material has anything to do with the festive holiday. This is like a little booster pack of music that shows off each member through the seven songs.

Two9 – A Two9 Christmas


1. Smoke (FatKidsBrotha Ft. Key!, Retro Su$hi, Curtis Williams & Miloh Smith)
2. Gang (Retro Su$hi)
3. Face It (Curtis Williams)
4. Stunt Raps (Reese Ft. FatKidsBrotha)
5. Magic (FatKidsBrotha Ft. Miloh Smith)
6. Get The Money (Key!)
7. D4L (Retro Su$hi)