With Hologram Panda, Riff Raff and Dame Grease join forces for an almost complete album (a couple songs aren’t Dame-produced). The 12-track project doesn’t feature any guest features but all of the kooky antics that entertain Riff’s fans. Some of the highlights include “Chop Another Rock,” “I Can Tell Stories” and the instantly hilarious title of “Versace Lies.”

Riff Raff – Hologram Panda

1.Panomera 911 (Prod. by Mike Jerz)
2.Got Them Mad (Prod. by Dame Grease
3.I Can Tell Stories (Prod. by Dame Grease)
4.Chop Another Rock
5.Trappin’ Like A Fool (Prod. SK The Hit Man)
6.Tiger Bear Gargoyle (Prod. by Dame Grease)
7.Peppermint Tint
8.White Silk Pants (Prod. by Dame Grease)
9.Can We Chill (Prod. by Dame Grease)
10.Chargers (Prod. SK The Hit Man)
11.Goin’ Hamilton (Prod. by Dame Grease)
12.Versace Lies (Prod. by Dame Grease)