Last year, Rittz could’ve quit rap. The frustration was reaching an all time high, but his popularity was still slowly rising. Yelawolf had signed to Shady and was gearing up for his debut album, Radioactive. Then, things started to turn around. Yela invited him to go on tour across the country and that opened up many doors. As his buzz grew, he struck the interest of one of the best independent labels of all time, Strange Music, and eventually signed on the dotted line. Now, he’s riding high on the Slumerican Tour and gearing up for an even greater 2012 with his currently untitled debut album.

Right after his performance at A3C 2012, Sermon’s Domain caught up with the Strange Slumerican to discuss a couple details about his debut, if he’ll partake in the EP game that his label has been running, advice from Tech and Travis, the concept of the “Die” video and the one thing he wants most in the world.

When his debut album is expected to drop (0:20)
If he’ll be dropping an EP on Strange Music in the future (0:40)
The best advice he’s gotten from Tech and Travis (0:58)
Where the idea for the video to “Die” and his hater came from (2:10)
If he could have anything in the world, what would it be? (2:45)