Since releasing her debut album, Late Nights & Early Mornings, in 2010, Marsha Ambrosius has been very active within music. Aside from doing shows constantly, she’s been featured on plenty of hooks from Freeway to Strong Arm Steady. Her biggest look this year was appearing on G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer album handling the hook of “The One.” With her sophomore album, Lovers & Friends, scheduled for next year, there’s definitely no storm in her horizon.

Sitting down with Sermon’s Domain for the second time, Marsha talks about singing the Family Guy theme on her last mixtape and what episode she loves the most. The conversation shifts into the story behind working with Kanye West, what the meaning of the hook on “The One” is and if they worked on anymore songs together (interesting notion about “Clique”). It was only right to head in the direction of what Lovers & Friends will sound like, differences in recording process from Late Nights.. and the possibility of her doing an album with Just Blaze.

Why she chose to sing the Family Guy theme song and possibility of singing more themes (0:20)
Her favorite Family Guy episode (1:48)
The story behind creating “The One” with G.O.O.D. Music (2:10)
If she did anymore records with Kanye West (4:36)
Will we see some Kanye production on Lovers & Friends? (5:13)
The sound of her sophomore album (5:43)
Differences in the recording process of her debut album and sophomore (7:22)
The possibility of a Marsha-Just Blaze album (8:00)
What CD would she choose if she could only bring one to listen to while on tour (8:21)