As of tomorrow, Tech N9ne will have given the world three EPs in 2012 (KlusterfukE.B.A.H and Boiling Point). As he’ll tell you, “it’s a beautiful thing. It holds the fans over while they’re waiting for albums. Our fans, they love us so we have to give them a lot.” And a lot they have been given from the Strange Music camp this year. With the expansion of Ces Cru and Rittz, the team continues to grow big and this is exactly how he wants as he describes wanting the best artists and that he’ll never stop signing talent.

Our conversation shifts into the logistics behind Boiling Point EP. How do you go from the happier and party-like tunes of E.B.A.H. into the deep darkness that is the Boiling Point? The cover of which Tech is covered with this black ooze all over his face, what does it symbolize?

With all this work, we also discussed the possibility of him taking a break from music. He states that currently the demand is high for his music (he’s not lying), but has a plan for when he decides to follow through with that hiatus.

Afterward, we jump back into what inspired “Don’t Tweet This” and the process of coming up with the unique acronyms he does. “They hit me, like E.B.A.H. hit me on the last tour,” Tech explains. “I don’t plan ‘em. K.O.D. hit me in a dream.”

Lastly, the status of his currently untitled upcoming album. “I’m working on it. It’s a work in process. We’re still in the beginning stages of writing songs.”

His longtime goals with Strange Music’s roster (0:15)
Why Strange Music has decided to do so many EPs (1:14)
His decision to revisit the K.O.D. sound on Boiling Point EP (2:23)
What the cover means (3:10)
The inspiration behind Boiling Point (3:50)
If he ever wants to take a break from music (6:20)
The story behind “Don’t Tweet This” (6:56)
How long it takes him to come up with the acronyms (8:11)
The status of his next album (8:56)