Plenty of talent emerging from the Windy City (that’s Chicago if you didn’t study in school), and The Paxtons are added to that list. Their fifth album, Avenue: C&D, features plenty of diversity: nods to 90’s R&B, a salute to women who rock basketball shorts, the ever-so-lovely Raven Symone and much more. A very well-rounded and smooth album if I do say so myself.

The Paxtons – Avenue: C&D

1.Columbia Nights Intro 02:40
2.Brown Girl 06:10
3.Ready To Go featuring Vanache 04:03
4.044 00:24
5.Want Me More 03:30
6.Nudes 03:45
7.Raw Papers & Rossi 04:03
8.Tonight 03:24
9.Got Away 03:35
10.050 00:18
11.She Never 02:34
12.Pretty Girl Problems 04:08