“I wanna do another project nothing major major, like another 22 records. But I wanna do another project just ’cause it’s a lot of ideas that I got from being on the road, a lot of things I’ve experienced since the album to write about and talk about.”

It’s not always easy to stand out in this era just off extraordinary music. A lot of elements go into the makings of a career; good music is sort of like a bonus in 2012. Or as quick as they come in, they’re gone with only the memories of their prime days and music to keep their legacy alive. Big K.R.I.T. is an artist who hasn’t followed said path but rather formulated a solid sound with his rhyming and self-production all while maintaining a sense of Southern ability. In short, he makes it cool to be southern.

Three critically acclaimed projects and a debut album later, Big K.R.I.T. is still as great and getting better by the year. Sticking to his Southern roots closely in his music, his debut on Def Jam, Live From The Underground, thankfully didn’t take a turn to match the direction of major label releases. Since June 5, the album has sold 83,000 and, with his national tour going on, is likely to hit more milestones as the week pass.

Sitting down with Sermon’s Domain for the second time (third if you count our first phone interview), we discussed the inspiration behind “Red Eye,” his recent string of remixes, plans for future remixes off LFTU, plans to do another free 22-track project and more. Full synopsis below.

How his sold out Seattle show went (0:00)
The inspiration behind Red Eye (0:55)
Why he chose the guests on the remixes for “Me & My Old School” & “Temptation” (1:45)
Any future plans for more remixes (“I Got This” and “What U Mean” remixes) (2:55)
His creation process on Live From The Underground (3:44)
If he’ll work with other producers on future projects (4:53)
The process of creating Country Cuzzins with Yelawolf (5:25)
Reveals plans to do another 22-track free project (6:03)