With his buzz moving further than the South, Jackie Chain has his eyes set on another creative nickname with a story. Enter Bruce Lean Chronicles Vol. 1. The 12-track album quality project features joints for riding, partying and much more. Features from Bun B, Diplo, DJ Burn One, Sonny Digital, Big K.R.I.T. and more.

Jackie Chain – Bruce Lean Chronicles Vol. 1

01. Parked Outside (Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B) [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.] (3:47)
02. Picture Perfect (Feat. Assasyn) [Prod. By Beat Billionaire] (3:17)
03. Johnny Depp [Prod. By Beat Billionaire] (3:12)
04. Numbers [Prod. By Sonny Digital] (3:11)
05. 26 Inches (Feat. Assasyn & Dynomite Kidd) [Prod. By B Wheezy Beats] (3:55)
06. So Throwed [Prod. By YunggStarr] (3:36)
07. Only Way I Know (Feat. Selasi & Scoob Vercetti) (4:03)
08. Reach For The Sky (Feat. Attitude & Chinky Brown) [Prod. By Happy Perez] (4:06)
09. Windows (Feat. Ricky Fontaine) [Prod. By DJ Burnone] (5:00)
10. First Love (Feat. Chinky Brown) [Prod. By Diplo] (4:29)
11. Road Less Traveled (Feat. Steven Knight) [Prod. By Block Beattaz] (4:28)
12. Other Shit (Feat. Nikkiya) [Prod. By Will Power] (3:13)