“You ask questions that are based in your love for music. I can tell ’cause I know what’s on my wikipedia page, so I can tell when people are asking questions that they just googled as opposed to someone who really listens to the music. And I appreciate all of it, appreciate anybody that’s interested. It’s extra dope when someone really knows they shit.”

For over a decade and running, Talib Kweli has remained one of Hip-Hop’s most prominent figures. He’s everything a fan of good music could want; a great lyricist, full of meaning and moves to the beat of his own drum, not someone else’s. His collaborations with Mos Def (Black Star), Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal) and most recently Res (Idol Warship) have all helped strengthened his sound among a spring of five solo albums. This Fall will mark a sixth, Prisoner Of Conscious, which has been in the works since Gutter Rainbows was out. Scheduled for an October release, I had the opportunity once again to sit down with the ebony man, Apollo Legend.

Through our interview, we discussed the famous Jay-Z line about Kweli on “Moment Of Clarity,” why he’s putting out a mixtape before his album, how he chose the features on it, direction of Prisoner Of Conscious, features off the album, how he picked Kendrick Lamar and Curren$y for “Push Thru” and much more. Full synopsis below.

Owning a bookstore and why he ended up selling it (0:18)
How the store influenced his career (0:57)
First time hearing Jay-Z’s line on “Moment Of Clarity” (1:40)
Why he felt like dropping a mixtape, Attack The Block, before his album (2:42)
How he chose the guest features on Attack The Block (3:51)
The reason his mixtape with DJ Smallz never materialized (4:49)
The direction of Prisoner Of Conscious (5:45)
Reveals the features on POC, including Miguel, Melanie Fiona & more (6:21)
How “Push Thru” with Kendrick Lamar & Curren$y happened (reveals video was shot) (7:15)
Reveals POC will be released in October (8:58)
His favorite album in the last year (9:33)
If he went on tour and could only bring one CD to listen to the entire time, what would it be? (10:20)