King of Diamonds is one of the most known strip clubs to the Hip-Hop community. Everyone from Lil Wayne to Rick Ross go there and throw out ridiculous amounts of money. It’s also the spot that Kirko Bangz references in the hook of  his newest single, “That Pole.” Taking a different stance than his usual songs about stripping and dancing, Kirko took some time out of his day to talk to Sermon’s Domain about the creation of the song in our The Art Of Storytelling series.

“The idea behind “That Pole,” it’s funny, you hear a lot of strip club songs where it’s just like straight to the point. You know, you hit the pole, you bounce ya ass, make it clap, shit like that. We wanted to bring another light to it. You got girls that go to school, go to church, working a couple jobs and at the end of the day she still living life on the edge. She still in love with that pole. Like, she still want to dance and get that money just like any other female would.

“Nowadays, I don’t want to say it’s a trend, it’s more of a way of life just like some niggas rapping. Some women wake up and just strip. That’s just what it is, I just wanted to bring another light to it and put my take on how I view the lifestyle of girls that’s in the clubs and give them something to rock to.

“Nah [there wasn’t any particular moment that inspired the record], I was with this female, we stopped talking and then she turned into a little stripper. A lot of my songs have to do with talking about girls that are stripping, but they were on the other tip. That ‘why you in the club?’ type shit. We was like, ‘fuck it, let’s switch it up. Let’s glorify it and give ‘em something to dance to. So, that’s how we came at it like that.

“I believe this is going to be a hit. I don’t know if it’s going to be a single, though. We put it on the internet and the fans were liking it within 30 minutes, so I think it’s doing good. Just something to keep the momentum and buzz going and the girls jamming.”