Growing up, if you liked wrestling, you probably were a fan of Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels. It’s undeniable how talented these two athletes were in the ring. From Bret’s technical skills to Shawn’s energy, they put on a good show. They helped shape a new era in the wrestling business during the 1990’s, going from the Hogans and the Andre The Giants into smaller, more agile wrestlers. Bret and Shawn’s relationship through the years seemed pretty good from the outside looking in. These two had some great matches early in their careers and during the times where they were big solo stars. One thing affected all that.

On November 9, 1997, their relationship changed for the worse. Bret’s whole outlook on the WWF (during that era) was soured with something that was deemed “the Montreal Screwjob.” Going into Survivor Series as world champion and leaving for WCW soon, Bret Hart didn’t want to lose in his hometown. It gets kind of sketchy here as Bret, Shawn and Vince McMahon all give different perspectives on how they viewed this night going down. However, Shawn put on that sharpshooter and the referee made that bell ring, despite Bret not tapping. He was furious and even spit on McMahon’s face. For years, the relationship was gone and burned. However, everyone makes mistakes and Vince and Bret ended up making up (Bret even returned to WWE for short storyline in 2009-2010).

Since the Montreal Screwjob, Bret and Shawn have never had the chance to talk about it on camera together. In a genius move by the WWE DVD department, we have Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart. For those who thought a whole DVD pertaining to one little night would be boring, think again. It’s far more than that as Jim Ross asks all sorts of questions that span their humble beginnings with the company, interaction between Hart and Michaels over the years and so much more.

Bret’s thoughts during his championship reign leading up to Wrestlemania 12 were very interesting to hear. “I couldn’t help but feel being the champion meant nothing. I feel like all the hard work I was doing didn’t matter. They [WWE] already had their champion, their star [referring to Shawn]. I was just carrying the belt for the sake of carrying,” Bret revealed. He doesn’t spare any feelings about how he felt toward upper management, either.

It’s no secret that wrestling is scripted, but Bret and Shawn’s feud show a different personal side of the business. The whole discussion and progression of the years give off a teapot effect that’s more laid on Bret’s shoulder. The closer to the Montreal Screwjob, the more open Bret becomes about his discomfort toward the company. That’s the smartness of the creators because it always keeps the watchers on entertained and on their feet.

WWE may have started a new more entertaining way to create DVDs in the future. Aside from doing other rivalries, it’s easier for wrestlers to be straightforward and honest when it’s an open discussion. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels helps back this theory. Their discussion held back no thoughts during that era. Greatest Rivalries is a must-add to any wrestling collection and could be one of the best DVDs put out by World Wrestling Entertainment.

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