We’re hitting a more diverse part in the Hip-Hop game. Chris Webby, Yelawolf, Mac Miller and Machine Gun Kelly are making white rappers a lot more common and acceptable in this era. Swag is a big theme with artists like Lil B and Kreayshawn. Of course, we still have the conscious, lyrical, partying and many other sides we’ve been getting. Another thing that is rising is the amount of female rappers popping up since Nicki Minaj’s rise (and Lil Kim’s demise). One, Snow Tha Product, is 100% latino and 100% lyrical. With her buzz starting to spill over off her fast spitting skills shown on “Holy Shit,” Snow is slowly but surely making being a lyrical female rapper hot again. This is where her latest project Unorthodox comes in.

Her fast rapping is a good part of her. She’s mastered the art of it and could keep up with the likes of Twista, Bone Thugs, Tech N9ne and the many others still participating in it. On the title track, she tackles everyone that has been talking from the stereotype of women having  to sell sex in their music to people talking about her race instead of her abilities. The bad thing about a lot of these joints is they’re really short. “Holy Shit,” “Beast Mode” and “Unorthodox” are all under two minutes. Once you get into it, it’s over. Similar to these are the concepts; attacking critics, doubters, haters, etc. When she gets over the ethnicity hump, it’ll be interesting to see what concepts she’ll fast spit to. Hopefully, more like “I Bet You Won’t.”The side that will matter in the long run is her singing and being able to make good radio/club records. On “Like That,” she puts herself in the perspective of a woman having relationship issues over a nice danceable beat. Add her singing on the hook and you’ve got the makings of a potential hit. The same applies to “Drunk Love,” a similar concept with a spice of sex added. Even if she wanted to take a route in her latin roots, she has a story telling, catchy track in “Telemundo.”

Unorthodox is one of the best projects by a female rapper in a long time. It shows a lot of different sides of her diversity as well as her skills in each side surpassing a lot of artists. Whatever she did with this one, from time to beat picking and everything in between, she needs to continue doing for future efforts.