HipHopDX caught up with rising star Hopsin to talk about his upcoming album, Knock Madness. He lets us know we can expect the type of lyricism he expressed on Raw but enhanced. It won’t be coming out until the top of 2012 but he has some high hopes for the album. In addition to that, he talks about linking up with Tech N9ne for “Am I A Pyscho?” and his shots at Tyler, The Creator. Read the rest here.

DX: On “Ill Mind 4,” you warn fans to “Get ready for Knock Madness.”  What would you say that fans can be ready for? What can they expect and when is the album being released?

Hopsin: The album is going to be released in January-February, latest March of 2012. That album is, I’m hoping it’s going to be that album that puts me on the map. I want to be that independent artist. I’m not really looking to sign with any record deals. I’m just gonna roll with my Funk Volume record label. I just want that album to really put me on the map in a way where people are like, “How did this guy get to this point and he’s working out of his home.” I want that album to be so big to where people are like, “What is this guy doing? He must be cheating. How is he getting this type of production? How is he getting these types of music videos? How is he getting this type of exposure and he’s not signed to any of these major label? He doesn’t have P Diddy behind him or anything.” I want it to be that album. And, I um, I know this may sound crazy, forgive me, but hey, I’m only human and I have high expectations for myself. I don’t know what [Dr. Dre’s] Detox is going to sound like, but in my heart, in my mind, I’m like, “Whatever Detox sounds like, this has to be better than that.” That’s just what it is. I’m not saying it will. I’m not saying it won’t. But, in my heart, that’s what I’m aiming to do, but we’ll see. [Laughs] I don’t know what Detox sounds like, like I said, but that’s just the route I’m going down. I want it to be in competition with that album. And, it ain’t gonna sell more than Detox, nowhere near. I’m just talking about, just listening to it, just the overall sound of it. I want people to be like, “The vibe of Knock Madness was sick as hell.” But, yeah, man. I’m really going to go hard on it in every song. You know, I’m not looking to do any type of filler tracks at all. Every song is going to have so many hours and hours put into it. I’m going to go in and make sure all the lyrics are done properly and that there aren’t any filler words as well. I’m just going to break everything down in detail, and tweak it as much as I can, until it sounds right.

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