With the ever growing Maybach Music inking a deal with Warner Bros. last week, it’s one more opportunity for Triple C’s artist Torch to shine. On top of that, he dropped his well received U.F.O. project on Valentine’s Day, getting coverage all over the net.

I chopped it up with him last week about the project’s creative process, how he felt the public looked at him and the others in Triple C’s before it, how Busta Rhymes ended up on “Bang Yo City” and more.

What’s going on, Sermon on the line with Maybach Music, Specialyst Ent and Triple C’s own, Torch. How’s life treating you?

What’s popping bro? How are you?

I’m good, I’m good. You’ve had a busy week. U.F.O. dropped, “Bang Yo City” video is out and you were featured on XXL’s Show & Prove too. Were you surprised at the amount of support you got with U.F.O?

Yeah, I wasn’t really too surprised because I felt like it was overdue. I just feel like peoples are actually starting to realize what’s been there forever, you know what I’m saying? That’s kind of why I labeled the project U.F.O. It stood for un-forgotten. It’s stands for underestimated, forgotten and overlooked.  From under financial oppression to under federal observation, you know?

Do you feel like being in Triple C’s, a lot of people overlooked your talent?

I feel like people overlooked Triple C’s period. It’s a new situation right now, its new energy. Shout out to Gunplay, he got that “Rollin’” record. Shout out to Young Breed. I’m doing my numbers right now, and so a lot of things on the horizon, feel me?

With the project, what was the creative process like? And do you feel like it was easier to do a solo project over a group project?

I set out to change everyone’s perception and opinions of what they thought Triple C’s was and what Torch stood for. A lot of people assume I’m from Miami when I’m really from the Bronx. So, I just felt I needed to make a real well rounded project that shows the talents of being up north and down south.

I mean, both of them is really easy to me, but with the solo project I was in complete control. I picked my own beats, I was at the mixes, I told them what to turn up and what to turn down – shout out to Eddie Mix one of the best engineers in the world.

So, you told me what U.F.O. stood for but playing off that title; U.F.O. being unidentified flying object. Do you believe in aliens and U.F.O.s?

I mean, I don’t know if I believe all that, but we can’t be the only ones here. There had to be someone before us and there will definitely be someone after us. Anything is possible.

Considering the content of this project, why did you decide to put it out on Valentine’s Day?

I really wanted to show the streets love for supporting me. It had nothing to do with a love theme. It was just showing love to the people who support me.

I wanted to ask about this record. With “Bang Yo City,” How did you end up getting Busta Rhymes on the hook and why did you feel like he’d be the prime choice?

Well you know me and Busta been cool for a long time, that’s my big homie, he a living legend in the game. So, since the first time we met, we hit it off and he was like, “anytime you need me Torch, let’s put it together.” I was putting it off for so long because I didn’t feel like I had the right record to use my legend card. So, as soon as I got that beat, the first person I heard in my head was Busta Rhymes. When I reached out, I knew he was going to be as excited as I was.

With U.F.O. out, do you plan on putting out a solo album in stores in the future?

Definitely, everything is the laws of progression. So, that’s always been the plan and this is probably going to push the button a little bit faster than everyone was planning for. God is good.

How can you persuade someone to go cop your album when you putting projects like U.F.O with all original music, big production and features?

At the end of the day once they hear the project and they hear the body of work, I’m sure they gonna wanna see what’s coming up next. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, the U.F.O. project. Now I see what people want from me, so it’s going to be even easier with the creative process.

So, Triple C’s got the sophomore album in the works. Do you have any new updates regarding that?

Later this year you can expect Color, Cut Clarity, that’s how you measure Diamonds, by the color, the cut and the clarity. It’s coming right after Ross’ next album which is entitled God Forgives, I Don’t.

Maybach Music just signed to Warner Bros. How do you feel about the decision?

It was a beautiful situation; it’s been a bidding war for a long time. So, I guess they came with the biggest duffle and I’m excited to get working.