So Dream really went and made a song about the power going out? Okay then. It’s not hard to tell why it’s unreleased. Hey, cool song but the concept is weak. In related news, June 7 is when The Love, IV will be available in stores. Hit the jump to see the video of him speaking on it to MTV. That’s a heavy line up.

Update: This is a demo for that Nicole Scherzinger that she used in 2009.

“This album is gonna have more features, which is unique for me, ’cause I usually don’t carry a lot of features, I’m calling it out now. I’m cashing in my chips. I’m gonna try to get everybody, Wayne, [Kanye], Jay, Drake, Mary, anybody that I’ve worked with or [loaned] a hand to, I’m trying to get on my album.”

The Dream Powers Out Prod. By Tricky Stewart

The Dream – Powers Out (Prod. By Tricky Stewart) (Mediafire) | Hulkshare

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