Tech began work on his next album, All 6’s & 7’s, at the end of November. Speaking with HHDX about a lot of topics including his mixtape, an in depth look into his conversation with Lil Wayne and more, Tech also reveals the record he wants to get Wayne and T-Pain on for his album. If it comes out like he wants, this is sure to be one hell of a record.

DX: Before Joe, obviously the co-sign from Wayne got everybody talking. But have you and Wayne spoken since his release about working together?

Tech N9ne: Not yet. We been speaking back and forth with E.I., [who’s] his people. And they like, “Why y’all didn’t come to the thing in [Las] Vegas?” I’m like, “We ain’t [get] an invitation.” And they like, “Man, listen, wherever we are, y’all family, y’all can come.” …[But right now] everybody’s busy. I just did this mixtape for XXL and [DJ] Whoo Kid. So I was busy doing that. And [now] I’m working onAll 6’s and 7’s, my new album. So, the first song I’ma do is called “Fuck Food.” I’ma send it to Wayne. And T-Pain. I’m probably gonna contact him first. I’ma put my verse on it, and put the hook on it for T-Pain. Hopefully T-Pain will do it. We been talking back and forth with T-Pain through [Krizz] Kaliko, ‘cause Kaliko just did a song for him on his mixtape. And my producer is now his producer. T-Pain stole my producer, Young Fyre. So that’s why I can’t get no Young Fyre beats no more. [Laughs] So tell Pain since he stole my producer, he gotta do this hook for me. [Laughs]

DX: You said the song is called “Fuck Food”?

Tech N9ne: “Fuck Food,” yeah. “The gal sho look like fuck food to me.” It’s like a Scorpio’s outlook or a man’s outlook on a woman like, wow, she looks delicious. You be at the club and you be like, Oh my God! I don’t know how you feel about it, but the gal sho look like fuck food to me. I took it from a sample from one of my songs on K.O.D. called “Hunterish.” I said, “The gal sho look like fuck food to me / Might as well bitch, I know you suck dudes for free.” But, I just wanted to take it and screw it like, [says in screwed tone] “The gal sho look like fuck food to me, gal, gal.” Sorta like on some vampire shit. Like when you think of the video and everything, and it’s totally gothic-sounding. It’s just perfect for a modern day Lost Boys [inspired] video. So, for the video it’ll just be called “Food,” or for the radio it’ll just be called “Food,” but for my album it’s called “Fuck Food.” It’s beautiful. I think it’s a beautiful fuckin’ idea to bring all these cats into my world.

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