Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Star Murphy f. Waka Flocka - Swagg On + Studio Session Video

Hot new joint for the ladies. Star Murphy follow her at (www.twitter.com/STARMURPHY) and Waka one verse at the beginning. Below is the studio session the two had.

Dubb Ft. Calaura - Play Around

Fresh off of his Sexology 101 collaborative effort with fellow Black Card Music, Slap, Dubb comes through with an unreleased song. A lot of men and woman can relate to the cheating scenerio. Shouts to Digital Product.

Dubb Ft. Calaura - Play Around (Supashare)

Yung Brodee - Good Die Young

Brodee has been hard at work on his 100 Percent Authentic album. He has a real good team behind him as well. Just like the album title, Brodee keeps it 100 on this song. No fabrication on his hometown.

Yung Brodee - Good Die Young (Supashare)

Mixtape: Sean Perry - The Game Reincarnated (Hosted By DJ Rated R)

Sean Perry is the only member of Un Pacino's CCB crew that is focused on doing music. This is his second mixtape in a year and is hosted by DJ Rated R. Hit the jump for tracklist + download link.

A-Mafia Ft. Hell Rell - On Deck [Tags]

This is from the upcoming Heart Of The City mixtape that Duke & Diggz are dropping on the 18th. It's also the same day Mafia drops his long awaited mixtape.

A-Mafia Ft. Hell Rell - On Deck [Tags] (Supashare)

K-Boy - Say Something (Blu Division Remix) + LB SC Ft. Tay F 3rd (Prod. By Jaynari)

Who would've thought that Timbaland's collaboration with Drake would reach the mean streets of South Central, Ca? The Blu Division general brings this instrumental to the hood. The second cut shows K-Boy speaking about the fake rappers (indirectly) among other hood aspects.

K-Boy - Say Something (Blu Division Remix) (Supashare)

K-Boy Ft. Tay F 3rd - LB SC (Prod. By Jaynari) (Supashare)

Mr. Kee - I Don't Dance + Nothing Typical

The Bay Area artist is dropping The Great Paper Chase on March 16. Here are two premieres from it.

Mr. Kee - I Don't Dance (Supashare)

Mr. Kee - Nothing Typical (Supashare)

Mixtape: Nappy Boy All-Stars Vol. 1

Like all of the biggest hip-hop names, T-Pain has his own crew. Nappy Boy is the name. All of the artists have been doing their own thing for a while and maintaining their own buzz, but now they all band together to create one hell of a mixtape. Hit the jump for tracklist + download link.

Video: DJ Green Lantern - Grind Music Radio Interview

Green sits in with Sean C & LV to discuss producing mainly.

Mixtape: Laws - 4:57 (Hosted By Don Cannon)

Last year, young Laws made a splash into the hip-hop world when he signed with the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League production team; becoming their first artist. He's also signed to Asylum/Warner Bros. 4:57 features production from, of course, J.U.S.T.I.C. League, 9th Wonder, M-Phazes, DJ Khalil and more. In addition, he keeps features to a minimum but brings Jay Rock and Jason Caesar  to name a couple. Hit the jump for a direct download link (courtesy of DJ Booth) and tracklist.

Video: Frenchie - It's Ok

The homie Doggie Diamonds puts on his director's chair. Pretty solid street video.

Video: Birdman - Tim Westwood Interview Pt. 1

Two Carter IV videos....20-30 videos before Wayne goes away.

Video: DJ Khaled - Road To Victory (Episode 14)

Sparkz f. Gucci Mane - Keshia Packs

[Video] Diddy Interview w/ Tim Westwood

[Video] Diddy & Rick Ross Perform Oh Let's Do It Live in Dallas

[Video] Jay Z? New Album?

Video: Curt@in$ - True Stories Radio Interview

Video: Gudda Gudda - Tim Westwood Interview

Tim Westwood is a crazy dude. "You had one of the best verses on Bed Rock." Lmao. Gudda talks about linking up with wayne, Bed Rock, upcoming mixtape and much more. "Did your sex appeal change when you did Bed Rock?" Ahahahahaha. God damn. I'm dying over here. He got a video for "Getting To The Money" being shot as well. Hit the jump for part 2.

Mercy - Cold Case Of Love (Prod. By Rene)

While we wait the impending release of Before The Verdict, here is something new Merc whipped up with a new female producer. She's pretty talented based off this song.

Mercy - Cold Case Of Love (Prod. By Rene)

Snoop Dogg Ft. Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Maino, OJ Da Juiceman & Roscoe Dash - I Wanna Rock Remix (Prod. By DJ Green Lantern) [CDQ]

Do you wanna rock one more time? It's not the same beat as always. Green Lantern >>>. It features your favorite trap stars. Shouts to The Prinz.

Snoop Dogg Ft. Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Maino, OJ Da Juiceman & Roscoe Dash - I Wanna Rock Remix (Prod. By DJ Green Lantern) (Supashare)

Video: Hey, Mr. Cartel (ItsTheReal)

"Okay Drake is half black and half jewish..and John Mayer would have sex with him"

This is a must-watch video. Comedy at it's finest.

Usher's Raymond Vs. Raymond Track Listing

*sighs* And you wonder why nobody WANTS to buy albums. Your music leaks and it's still the same basically. He replaced Yo Gotti with Bun B on track 6. That was cool. Still, we got half the album already. March 30 is the release date. Shouts to ThisisR&B. List after the jump.

Ludacris Ft. Lil Kim & Lil Fate - Hey Ho

Luda deemed this a sequel to his classic "Ho" record off his debut album. I think that set the bar too high for me. It's not a bad record, but it's not something I'd bump all the time. Lil Kim actually did a good verse. I didn't think it was possible. Battle Of The Sexes coming next month.

Ludacris Ft. Lil Kim & Lil Fate - Hey Ho (Supashare)

Video: Wrath Of Cain (Trailer)

Former street kingpin Cain Skinner (Ving Rhames) is doing life in prison. His desire for redemption kicks into overdrive when he learns that his sentence will be shortened by brain cancer. Now all he wants is to save the lives of his two feuding sons, but it will come with a price.

Mixtape: DJ Folk, DJ E-Dubble & DJ Got Now - Shield Gang 3

With Jeezy's CTE crew growing bigger and stronger by the day, there needs to be a platform for all of them to be heard. This is where the Shield Gang series comes in. It was started by CTE DJ, DJ Folk and has evolved into a highly anticipated tape. The third installment is nothing different. Boo Rossini, JW, Screwww, Slick Pulla and more make their proper appearances here. Hit the jump for stream and download link.

Devin The Dude - What I Be On

For some strange reason, I'm liking this song. I've never been a Devin fan (mainly because I don't smoke), but he's made a few cuts over the years. Add this to your collection and get your blunts ready for 4/20, as Suite #420 is dropping. Shouts to Blu Haze.

Devin The Dude - What I Be On (Supashare)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Rebirth

Now, we finally got some album material. This is the street single off the upcoming Uni 5: The World's Enemy album. Seven minutes of nothing but dopeness.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Rebirth (Supashare)

Video: Boaz - Enemies

Boaz takes a page from Curtis' book and gets his head-cracking on. Selling A Dream dropping in stores and online in March.

Video: Dub - Fear Freestyle

I don't think it's possible to get tired of this beat. Haha. Family Money Music 2: Grind Hard. Live Easy is coming soon.

Tony Austin Ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Mr. Make It Happen

This is the perfect example of everybody trying to rap. Tony used to be president of Russell Simmons Music Group. Now, he's a rapper and using his connections to his fullest abilities. He supposedly has a Gangsta Grillz out, as the tags on the song suggest. So, sit back and get prepared. The kids will love this song. Aye.

Tony Austin Ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Mr. Make It Happen (Supashare)

Video: Alley Boy Ft. Waka Flocka - Shoot 4 That (BTS)

This is from his already hood classic mixtape.

Video: Dorrough Ft. Yo Gotti - Hood Chick Fetish (BTS)

Off his upcoming Gangsta Grillz....seriously?

Video: Wiz Khalifa - XXL Freshmen 2010 Freestyle

[Video] Rick Ross & Birdman - Addicted To Money

Snoop Dogg f. Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Maino, OJ Da Juiceman & Roscoe Dash - I Wanna Rock (Radio Rip)

Monday, February 15, 2010

R.H. Bless & Duss Smittooo - I Just Love To Rhyme Freestyle

I love freestyles over beats that aren't played out. These two are the most consistent out of Block Exchange.

R.H. Bless & Duss Smittooo - I Just Love To Rhyme Freestyle (Supashare)

Video: Clipse - Freddie B TV Interview

I kinda felt like it was obvious, but Pusha explains his signature catchphrase for the first time surprisingly. They also run down their history and more.

Video: Fred The Godson - PMS Radio Interview & Freestyle

Fred The Godson speaks on his connection to Jay-Z, the upcoming Big Bronx mixtape and more. He also spits some stuff. Hit the jump for part 2.

Video: Freeway & Jake One - Good Fella Radio Interview

Philly Freezer and Jake Uno talk about the chemistry, what to expect in the future and more.

Flyy Guy Fresh - Say Something (Remix) + Run This Town Freestyle Ft. Keturah

Flyy Guy is warming up to his Money Make The World Go Round mixtape.

Flyy Guy Fresh - Say Something (Remix) (Supashare)

Flyy Guy Fresh Ft. Keturah - Run This Town Freestyle (Supashare)

Cash NY - This Is Me (Prod. By Black Light LLC)

I love to get an email with a song from an artist I support and he says "i took ya advice from the review." That makes me want to do more reviews for people. Anyways, this is the first joint off Straight Outta Brooklyn: The Movie. I like it on first listen. It's different from what he's done in the past. TSD premiere.

Cash NY - This Is Me (Prod. By Black Light LLC) (Supashare)

Boogz Boogetz Ft. Roscoe Dash & JBar - Bad Muh Fucka (Prod. By KE)

How bad is it that I have to, yet again, mention DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar? Haha. They hosting Far Rockaway's Most Wanted. This is the first single with the dude who don't get credit for "Turn't Up" and one of Soulja Boy's foot soldiers.

Boogz Boogetz Ft. Roscoe Dash & JBar - Bad Muh Fucka (Prod. By KE) (Supashare)

Juice Ft. Slick Pulla & PUSH! Montana - Money By The Boatload

This is some heat!!!! God damn! What a combination. I think this is a Trackslayerz beat? It sounds like their drops every now and then. American Me just got on my anticipation list. March 2. DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar strike again.

Juice Ft. Slick Pulla & PUSH! Montana - Money By The Boatload (Supashare)

Mixtape: Phreshy - No Assembly Required (Hosted By DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

Of course, it's hosted by the hardest working host DJs in the game. Phreshy is signed to Atlantic Records. Shouts to Kidd Domination. Check it out after the jump.

Video: Beyond Belief - Exhbit BB

A radio freestyle over Exhibit C....

Mario - Lay Down In Your Lap [Tags]

Here is a nice joint from Mario. Spotted at Yk2.

Mario - Lay Down In Your Lap

Mixtape: Dubb & Slap - Sexology 101 (Hosted By Digital Product, DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

I think the title is self-explanatory. This is that Black Card Music collaboration. Shouts to Digital Product. I see you Ill Will & Rockstar! Let's talk about sex...after the jump.

Video: Jon John TV (Episode 11): Beamer, Benz Or Bentley?

This is behind the scenes of when Banks/Santana performed the single. His next single is with someone you'd least expect. Hmmm...

Video: Freeway - Providence Performance

Philly Freezer drops his verse on "Cannon," goes through "Roc The Mic" and more.

[Video] Gucci Mane - Im Goin In (Studio)

Mixtape: DJ Mynd Tek - Walking On A Dream (Hosted By Beedie)

It's Monday and Beedie is back with more than just a song. This is a special treat with DJ Mynd Tek featuring the entire East End Empire crew. In addition to that, it has six unheard Beedie records. Hit the jump for tracklist & download link.

Stack Bundles - Rock Scrams + Can't Take That From Me

Tomorrow, Hip-Hop's Savior is dropping. It's an EP/pre-lude to the Rockstar album that is reportedly being released this summer. These are two tough records. I'll update the post tomorrow with the iTunes link.

Mixtape: DJ Reese & Big Tobacco Present Too Trill For TV (The Best Of Bun B)

With Trill OG on the horizon, Bun B is quite the hot comodity. If you need that filling of his best cuts over the years, this is the project for you. It's hosted by Just Soprano and even features blends from DJ Reese. Hit the jump for tracklist and download link.

Mixtape: DJ Booth Presents Brooklyn's Finest

We [DJ Booth] hooked up with Overture Films, the company behind the new movie Brooklyn's Finest (starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes), to create an all-Brooklyn mixtape. The project includes never-before-heard exclusives from BK natives Sene, D. Julien, Sha Stimuli, J-Eye, Frank B., True 2 Life Music and Kris Kasanova.

Mixtape: Supplya - Gift Wrap (Hosted By DJ Spinz)

Supplya is the next out of Block Ent. He's close to surpassing Gorilla Zoe in quality. This is his latest project, Gift Wrap, with DJ Spinz. It has features from Zoe, Jody Breeze, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj and more. Hit the jump for tracklist and download link.

EP: Young Scolla - Escaping Reality

There really isn't any clear way to introduce this project but by calling it DOPE. You can check it out via bandcamp after the jump. I'm digging track 1 more than anything.

Mixtape: Team Rsinal Radio & The Sermon's Domain Present Andre 3000 - 3 Stacks & A Mule

Whenever you talk about the best emcees, at one point you have to bring up Andre 3000. He’s been doing his thing for over a decade. Alongside his partner Big Boi, he’s made classic music; timeless even. People also mention some of his solo songs as being the best of this era. Point blank, he’s a legend in this business.

On one side, you got Team Rsinal Radio. And on the other, you got Sermon. These two came together for 3 Stacks & A Mule: The Best Of Andre 3000. The 17 track mixtape showcases the only the finest from his guest appearances to album songs. The artwork was done by rising GFX designer, Wes, CEO of Rich Boy Graphics. Hit the jump for tracklist & download link.

City Haze - Lost In Tokyo (Prod. By Rza)

This is what I like to hear. A legend producing for a dope up and coming artist. Star Of The City, the street album, is scheduled to drop on my birthday (May 10). Shouts to Clout Media.

City Haze - Lost In Tokyo (Prod. By Rza) (Supashare)

Bishop The Greek - Letter To L

It's the 11th anniversary of his death.

Bishop The Greek - Letter To L (Supashare)

Video: Pill - XXL Freshmen 2010 Freestyle

We're really not supposed to know it's Pill? This is kind of lame. We know the voices....

Mixtape: B.A.G. - Thorns N Roses

A late V-Day tape...Hit the jump.

Video: Square Off - More Milli

This is the week of promises as Square Off promises Last Of A Dying Breed will drop this week.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mixtape Cover: Freeway & Jakk Frost - Free Money: Defense, Offense

You've heard the words in the duo's songs. Free Money has been in the works for some time now. It'll be coming soon since Benja put out the cover. I'm looking forward to this project a lot since I like Jakk & Free music. The majority of the stuff they've done together is dope. Check back for more information in hopefully a week or less.

Sunday Sermons: The Art Of Complaining...

Being a blogger, I see a lot of people talking about music. One thing you see that is growing by the day is complaining. "Maaan, where is that Loso tape???" "Why is DJ Drama fucking up?" Etc. You see these things all the time. I don't get it though. Since i started this new blog, I've made over 100 posts. At least 10 of them are mixtapes. So why the complaints?

Chris Brown - Say Something

Well, not even 3 hours pass and we already got another Breezy song. It's one that didn't make the final cut of In My Zone.

Chris Brown - Say Something (Supashare)

Big Krit - Voices (Prod. By Big Krit)

Above is the video for "King." Below you can find a new cut from him, produced by him, courtesy of LFTFL.

Big Krit - Voices (Supashare)

Video: Sheek Louch, Styles P & Bully - Public Enemy #1

Mixtape: Chris Brown - In My Zone (Hosted By DJ Drama & DJ Sense)

DJ Drama is expanding his Gangsta Grillz brand. It's no longer just feeding the streets with the street music. The people have been asking for it and it's finally happened. Chris Brown's In My Zone mixtape is the first in it's Rhythm & Streets Gangsta Grillz series. A whole lot of remixes to popular R&B and hip-hop songs. Also, some original songs. If you love C. Breezy or the GG brand, check this out. Stream & download link after the jump.

Chris Brown - No Bullshit (Prod. By Tha Bizness) (Supashare)

Video: Travis Porter - Get Naked

Video: Rain - Chasing The Nightlife

This is a video form Life In Marvelous Times.

Mike Classic - Fear (Remix)

It's another remix from the boy Classic. He takes DJ Khalil's production for Drake and flips it.

Mike Classic - Fear (Remix) (Supashare)

Video: Horse Shoe Gang - Pimp Shit

The C.O.B. repping lyrical foursome release their new video off Gangsta M.C, directed by John Columbo.

Mixtape: Kida - The Endemic (Ladies Edition)

 After a successful mixtape, The Endemic, Kida is back in a quick matter for the ladies. In honor of V-Day, he drops the ladie's edition of the Endemic featuring production from Focus, Wlydfyer, Illmind and more. Hit the jump for tracklist and download link.

Video: Jakk Frost, Freeway & Loon's Trip To Mecca Pt. 2

Video: Ya Boy & Big Rich - Street Niggas

This is off their collaborative EP, Guns & Roses, dropping on the 16th. I like this joint.

Bishop The Greek - Bishop's Wife

Something for V-Day.

Bishop The Greek - Bishop's Wife (Supashare)

Rick Jewelz Ft. Gucci Mane - Jealous [CDQ]

When this leaked a few weeks ago, it was ripped off his myspace or some site like that. This is a knocking joint. I have an interview with Rick but since my site got deleted, I've put anything on hold. Shouts to M. Jones.

Rick Jewelz Ft. Gucci Mane - Jealous [CDQ] (Supashare)

Plies Ft. Christina Milian - Sex Me (Prod. By KE)

I'm sure nobody wants to see a picture of Plies, so enjoy. Upon closer listen, this is not a good song. Haha. And this doesn't sound like Milian. *shrugs* We'll still keep the picture though. Shouts to TS.

Plies Ft. Christina Milian - Sex Me (Prod. By KE) (Supashare)

DJ Young Legend Ft. Wes Fif - Angels In Disguise

This is probably the best remix/freestyle over Diddy's single. Look out for No Stop Signs by Wes Fif coming soon, as well as DJ Young Legend's newest tape, Legendary.

DJ Young Legend Ft. Wes Fif - Angels In Disguise (Supashare)

J-Skatyz - Eat U Alive (Remix)

Eh...It still beats any remixes to "I Wanna Rock" or "Exhibit C."

J-Skatyz - Eat U Alive (Remix) (Supashare)

Video: G-Kidd Ft. Flash - Heading To The Top

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Video: Menace Ft. Lil Wayne & Mitchy Slick - Blood Niggaz (BTS)

So here is some footage of the song that still hasn't dropped without tags minus Wayne's verse. That's all we really care about anyways.

Audio: Waka Flocka Flame - DJ Whoo Kid Interview

Waka Flocka openly admits he doesn't have lyrics. Hahahaha. Damn. He also talks about Diddy's verse on the remix, why he doesn't feel he wants an album and more. This is a classic interview.

Mixtape: Alley Boy - Definition Of Fuck Shit (Hosted By The Empire & DJ Holiday)

The Zone 6 has never seen such a rising star like Alley Boy. The Duct Tape artist is finally dropping his highly anticipated mixtape, hosted by The Empire & DJ Holiday, Definition Of Fuck Shit. A good choice as Alley's buzz is growing bigger by the week. A lot of work was put into this one! 20+ songs featuring Young Dro, Waka Flocka, Princess and more. Hit the jump for the stream and download link.

Boogz Boogetz Ft. Lil B - Ok

A new freestyle from Boogz. Yes, it's tagged. Far Rockaway's Most Wanted is coming soon!

Boogz Boogetz Ft. Lil B - Ok (Supashare)